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Mauro I (by Palmasco)

Mauro Turcatti (aka Iron Mauro) ha notevoli difetti, ma li nasconde abbastanza bene. Lavora in un’agenzia di relazioni pubbliche, dove si occupa di comunicazione di crisi e digitale: stando in Italia, verrebbe da pensare che abbia il posto assicurato per tutta la vita.

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Mauro Turcatti (aka Iron Mauro) is a full time employee at Edelman.

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This blog is dedicated to the memory of Bala’zs Gyurcsa’nsky, a dear mate who left us too soon, although not without a sweet heritage. He wasn’t granted the time to show the world that Hungarians don’t only know how to live, but they are also damn good at business. Kösönöm.

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